We’ve all heard of the book Think and Grow Rich, and I would highly recommend reading this book as it has given me a lot of value in life and in business! However, for those of you who have too many books to get through here are the top 10 points I found most valuable!

1. Desire!
Realise that there are no limitations other than the ones you set for yourself! Both poverty and riches are the result of what you focus your thoughts on.

2. Thoughts are things!
Whatever the mind believes, and can conceive, man is able to bring that into reality!

3. Our sixth sense!
This is our creative mind. The part of our mind that creates inspiration and curiosity which can be enhanced and refined!

4. Autosuggestion!
We are the masters of our own individual destinies. You, and you alone have the power to influence your thoughts through the power of autosuggestion

5. Organized planning
Everything that has ever been created once began in the form of an individuals desire. Which are then taken into the workshop of their imagination for proper organization and planning!

6. Power of a mastermind group!
We all know the saying “you’re the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with” this is because you take on the habits and power of the people you associate the  most time with! Control this by forming a mastermind session of people who motivate and inspire one another to achieve their goals and dreams!

7. Faith
Simple ideas are being turned into huge fortunes all around us! Using your power of faith in everything you do will allow you to join this group of great achievers!

8. The subconscious mind
A vast reservoir of knowledge, storing every thought or impulse received through the five senses. This ties in very well with another important topic which is sex transmutation which involves the transfer of sex desire into a motivating force that drives financial achievement!

9. Imagination!
Believe it or not we all have an imagination! Some just use it more than others. It is an important tool however, as it is the workshop where all ideas and plans can be fashioned into action!

10. The Six Ghosts of Fear!

This is the master key that unlocks the door to life’s bountiful riches and contains the privilege of creating in your own mind a burning desire to achieve! The satisfaction that comes to all those who conquer themselves and force life to hand over anything they demand is overwhelming!

Let me know if you took value from this! Is there any thing I missed?

What are the key points that you took from the book?

Do you know of any other books that should be reviewed like this?

– Elliott James Higham-Moore

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