TOP 5 Business trends that will DEFINE 2017/18 for Entrepreneurs!

Watching the changes in business trends over the past few years, I’ve come to realise just how dynamic the market place is for small businesses! So when it comes to what’s trending in business, entrepreneurs, stay on your toes and be ready for these new technology shifts in demand that will affect your business!

1.  Automating internal systems!

Although Automation has been around for decades, I think this will have the biggest impact for entrepreneurs and small businesses in 2017/18! This is because previously it has only been big companies that have been able to afford to pay other big name companies to implement it. However, now various cloud-based automation platforms are bringing automation to the masses for minimal cost and by utilising this, businesses can reduce manual labour required by their employees and allow them to do tasks that are less mundane. As a result of this, companies can now get more out of their employees because they will appreciate doing more creative tasks.

2. Content marketing!

For Years now, Content marketing has been a big part of all areas of business. Currently small business owners are forced to take a closer look and be more knowledgeable about the content they are producing! Digital marketing agencies like Logic-Studios who specialise in SEO will have more and more businesses come to them for their expert insight on what they can do to produce fresh and innovative content that will engage more effectively with their target audience!

3. Social media

We ALL know the extreme impact that social media has on businesses trends, and with more and more businesses realising the power of social media influencers, trends in businesses will fluctuate even more frequently. So stay ahead of the curve and utilise social media and link up with influencers!

4. The growing number of Millennials in the Business space and Market place!

We all know how appealing it is to own your own business, and it is now easier than ever before with social platforms and Multilevel marketing companies to be your own boss! Because of this shift businesses need to change their marketing and sales strategies to target the different demographic of youth.

5. Expect more Marketplace competition!

As a Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur, I’ve found that one of the biggest challenges facing me and my clients is the competition for the attention of their target audience within the market place. There are a lot of ways to combat this but please pay attention to this when you are marketing and push your business forward into new creative marketing strategies!

Is Your business Ready for what’s in store over the next few years?

How are you preparing for the shift that are happening right now?

What trends are you predicting for the next few years and leave them in the comments below!

– Elliott James

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